Monday, August 28, 2006

The way I knit

I don't know! I've heard 'upside-down', 'backwards', 'I've never seen anyone knit like that before...' etc... and so far no one has convinced me they really know, only that they are confused too. My best guess is that it is continental - am I right?

So, can anyone tell by these one-handed pictures?

CarrieK: I hold the yarn and the project in my left hand and do the work with the right hand.

All pictures enlarge up to about 1200px when clicked.
I promise kitty pictures at the end!

starting out - yarn to left

picking up stitch, positioning yarn

pulling yarn through

pulling new stitch off

stitch completed

Salamander like an Egyptian

Willow Cottonpaws, at your service.

Special Linky : Mini Knits a flickr set by knit and purr.

Linky : Turkish Cast on for socks. Maybe someday I can!


Carrie K said...

But which hand do you knit with? Your left or right?

Chris said...

Hmm, I can't tell from the one-handed pictures. Where is Mr J to take some pictures?!

Jennifer said...

Now cats know how to relax!

Kelly said...

I knit like that as well. I have been told it is continental and reversed. I knit opposite because I'm left handed. At least that is what my Grandma told me.

Rox said...

Not sure which style of knitting that is.... but.. really, is there a bad style of knitting?! :)