Friday, August 04, 2006

I Wanna Be a Kitten Too!

My original kitten girl, Willow, hams it up.
The girls still have no clue we are leaving tomorrow.
When I start packing furiously, they'll be worried!

Willow was extra cute this morning, this is the crate I keep my computer up and away from kittens on. She wanted a lot of playing and scratching behind the ears, and she definitely got it!

But, lo and behold, not a finger's breadth away... sleeps Squint.
Willow: You're going to use this photo to blackmail me, right?

Willow has been nose-to-nose with all of the kittens more and more lately - I wish they all had another week to get to know each other and for the kittens to get more used to their dry food. Doria's owner(Doria was the kitten's mom) says he will take Red and Smoke out on Saturday and, if necessary, Tuesday morning to try to give them away. They'll be just fine, as they know him already. He has two other cats though, and also cannot keep them. His offer takes some of the urgency out of all of this 'leaving for Minnesota' bit, but I will miss them!

I have a TON of cleaning to do, laundry to wash, bags to pack - which is what put me in such a bad mood yesterday. This is usually all my part of the job, then Mr.J drives the whole way non-stop (except waystations). That's why I was grumpy.. and I still need to do most of it.. so why am I at the computer? ;o)


Anonymous said...

You're at the computer because packing just sucks!!! And you had precious kitty pictures to post.

Jennifer said...

I love that picture of Squint and Willow. So sweet!

Jeanne said...

My gang starts to get real nervous when the suitcases come out, too.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Don't you just hate being a woman sometimes? Why is it we are always the one stuck with the "preparations" for the trip...not to mention all the laundry when you get back?

I know you'll miss the kittens!! I do wish I could take squint!

Hope you have a good trip and get some good knitting time in the car while traveling!

Carrie K said...

Squint so close? Definite blackmail pic!

You're at the computer because, as Susan said, packing sucks.

At least w/Mr J driving you can knit.

Knittymama said...

Oh, I want those knittens!!!

I put off packing all the time too, yuck! Hope your trip to back to MN is fun. I love Duluth, we're heading up there next month for some R&R.

Anonymous said...

Have a good trip! Hope you find dear little Squint a home while you are there! Maybe your friend will find the other two forever homes as well!

Yes, I concur. Why is it always the women who get stuck planning? I'm going tonight to stay the night with my friend who has cancer in order to give her sister a night off and we have new furniture being delivered tomorrow. So, as to not give the Brit anything to whine about, I got everything all ready for tomorrow's furniture exchange! (and I'm the one who gets to sleep on a couch tonight.)

Have a safe trip!

stuffed said...

Willow is gorgeous. Good luck with your trip. I'm sending you no stress vibes. :)

Chris said...

Hopefully you had a good trip - you're probably past the Twin Cities already. I'm waving!

Ladeewolf said...

Hope you find good homes for the babies. And I hope you find a spinning teacher while on your trip. Good Luck.

Carrie K said...

I hope you're back soon! I'm missing you!