Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vampire or Angel? It depends on the hour.

Well, half the time this cute little one-eared kitten is being a vampiric fighting machine (Sally loves that, btw) and the other half of the time he is a little angel, purring and saying 'who bit your foot, me?'.. *sigh* I'm not sure yet whether to advertise him as sweet or unbalanced ;o)

'Helping' with computer repairs.

Attacking some of my new yarn.
No Dishcloth if I have anything to say about it!

Hopefully this next week brings more people who might be able to take him in. Willow and Sally really want attention from me, and he keeps biting them when they get in 'his' lap! Now that's attitude! EEP!


Lynn said...

Are the other kittens taken now?
Just him left?

RheLynn said...

Lynn: yep, just him. It might be easier on us if he still had the others to chew on right now! ;o)

susan said...

What a frisky little dude!

Obsidian Kitten said...

sounds like typical kitten--bipolar, unbalanced, crazy/sweet! yay squint! go squint1 lolol

Lynn said...

I put a plug in my comments to let folks in the Tennessee area that Squint is lookin for a home.

I will put a message at the top of my next blog post saying the same.

My future daughter-in-law would love him, but my son is allergic to cats.
He wants to finish university without sinus problems and sneezing, so he told her no.
He told me that he knows he will eventually have to give in.
She a cat person.

We are rodent and dog and weird creatures people. Oh and fish.

Chris said...

At least Squint must be feeling pretty good!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why folks have not lined up to fight over "who gets Squint"!! He is such a sweet little fella....and what a spirit he has to have survived all he has had to go through!! Maybe he was meant to be with you!!

Jennifer said...

He sounds like a delightful liitle guy. I hope he finds a home soon.

Carrie K said...

I know, Squint sounds so sweet! Except the Vampire part, lol. I hope he finds a really good home.

Kim said...

I lurve that little kitten to pieces! How adorable! My six are all grown up now and I miss that kitten cuteness!