Friday, December 16, 2016


It's been an eventful week.  Esme got over her issue and went to school all the rest of the week - taking all of her tests.  Then our car battery died, and we had a long ordeal getting that fixed (thanks again Irene for the charger).  The holidays is a tough time to need someone to work on your car while you wait.  But, today it was all fixed.  I took Irene to the store and also dropped in at my store  Christmas party.  I bought Mark's Christmas gifts finally, and wrapped them when I got home.  Now we have a new season of Outlander to watch on Netflix and cookies fresh from the oven.  Esme and I will make her treat bags for her school party for next week before she goes to bed tonight.

I've been reading a series called 'The Highland Brides', by Hannah Howell.  It is another recommendation off the Outlander spinoffs.  And - I am very well pleased with it.  It has good historical storylines and complex characters that are not afraid to take the kid gloves off when arguing or stating their case.  I read the first one : 'His Bonnie Bride' from the library and then quickly swooped in and secured the second one 'Highland Wedding' on the wait list.  I actually read a good deal of that one while waiting for the car yesterday *ha*.

Early tomorrow, work all through next week.  But, Esme's party is on a day I work late - so we can go do that early with her.  Snow is in the forecast for the weekend - and I am really hoping that does NOT happen. 

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