Saturday, December 03, 2016


We went out to an event for Esme's school district this afternoon, with G and her mom.  It was a winter carnival type thing, indoors with games and activities.  The girls had a fairly good time - Esme a bit more.  She made an ornament to hang on our tree.  Then we went and looked at a house they are fixing up, to see about the plumbing situation at it. 

Esme and I have a package of cookies to make tomorrow.  I finished reading 'Tales of a Traveller' and the sequel, both by NJ Layouni.  I put up a Niume book review about it.  The first book, Hemlock, was free at Amazon.

I've also been working on the Christmas project, and did a first stab at painting the slightly abstracted tree painting I was thinking about.  It didn't turn out badly.  I'll see if I have patience/inspiration enough tomorrow to make a second try at it.

Just about ready for Mark's birthday - have to wrap some things, and Esme has to pick up what she intended to buy for a gift.  I have tomorrow off, but then work all week until I have next Sunday off after that.

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