Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Making Meatballs

Mark has been up cooking since nine this morning.  I slept in.  He has made the sauce and Esme and him just began to make the meatballs for our Lsagna on Christmas.

 Mark said it was toasted bread crumbs, paprika, salt, pepper , onion powder and a little over a pound of thawed 90/10 ground sirloin. He'll bake them in the oven a bit and then put them with the sauce when the meat in it is more tender.

Esme helped him roll the meatballs up and put them in the pan.  She said it felt yucky.

 Grinding in the bread crumbs

And everything Esme does is on wheels.

I slept in this morning, the first time in a long time I've been able to do so.  And of course, my brain had to take off on some deep philosophical jaunt.  I got a somewhat creepy short story out of it, though.  'House of Sunlight', which I published on Niume.  The story is actually the combination of three storyarcs that were in the dream, and as dreams do, weren't entirely connected.  But I was able to somewhat draw them together into one.  I am finishing up reading my book today and trying to stay warm.  I was so very very cold at work last night I had to go put my hat and scarf on inside the building for a while.  

Mark says it will warm up soon!

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