Tuesday, December 13, 2016

oh my

Well, I'm too soft.  I let Esme stay home again today because she claimed her stomach really hurt... after being bouncey last night right up until the time she had to go to bed.  But, it wasn't a fun happy day... she got castor oil, and told to go read half of her book... I was soft while I went to take a bath, because I was freezing.  She played Minecraft then.  And she's going tomorrow.  There shouldn't be any further reason for tummy troubles "my stomach feels hard and bounces to my headache and back when I'm saddened" because the castor oil definitely did its duty.  I happened to be making coffee in the kitchen and heard it from THERE.  And she still ate lunch and dinner and said she felt 'just a little bad in the tummy' at bed, thinking more food would help.  I said I'd be serving her breakfast in the morning before the school bus.

She has a math test tomorrow, a science and social studies test the next two days after that.  Then she will have a week off from school.  So, *grant me some sanity please - I have one day more off on this vacation and its tomorrow*... I hardly ever got to stay home from school unless the situation was dire.  I remember arguing to go to school one day around her age when I couldn't really walk  - my reasoning was I wanted to go because I wanted to wear my blue velvet shirt that day.  That was the day they told me the flu had paralyzed my legs temporarily.  The argument was memorable in hindsight.  And I was walking again before the end of the day.. which also in hindsight was lucky.  That would seriously scare me to death as a parent and I know my mother was quite freaked out, too.  But back then, I was just focused on not wearing my favorite shirt.

I didn't get a lot done today, except for a little bit more on my next chapter written (just now) and a few sketches to keep myself oriented.  I did read a book, while tucked into the bed ensuring Esme read hers.  My hands are quite cold.. I actually tried to type in gloves.  Didn't work.

And I still didn't get a day so far to do Christmas shopping for Mark, or finish the secret project I started a few weeks ago.  So I have to admit I was a bit irked about those things today besides the cold.  I definitely wasn't ready to create an entire lesson plan when she skipped up to me at 9:00 am (after reading in her room for an hour or so) and said she normally had school from 8:30 to 3:30 and we needed to start on the educational things.  I seriously doubted my earlier judgement call that she should stay home just then... *sigh*  I made her do her math, took my bath, and then made her read for another two hours.

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