Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

 Little animatronic dragon humidifier.
I had planned on getting this for her a good while back.

 Kitchen accessories, blender, mixer and coffee pot, on top of the kitchen set.
This was a little set I got her from Grandma so she could play with making recipes.
The little fox and a stuffed pony were in her stocking.  She got an old fashioned cookbook for kids and nice clothes, too.

 Kitchen kit.  Daddy said: 'Do the Vanna White thing.
This is the kitchenette I built for her last month and had been keeping under a sheet since then.  It has a little faucet and sink and a play stove with an oven.  There is some storage under the sink.  It is tall enough for her to play with and on wheels so it can be moved around.
Mark laughing about a joke gift - 'pinto meat' (pinto beans) and sauerkraut labelled 'build your own pony."  Then he got the Star Wars tshirt ;)  He also got this jacket, a new pair of electrical pliers and a toolbox from Esme.  He had joked so much about Esme got a pony, why didn't he?  *heh*

Grandma got a shawl and a kitchen faucet which I will install.  Esme found her a pretty keychain.  I hope Grandma liked the things we chose for her!  Mark found me some fuzzy pants with tyrannosaurs on them!  Awesome.  And I'm already working on the beautiful yarn they found for me.

Mark made lasagna.  It was quite good and heavy.  We watched a few Christmas movies, and then after dinner Spud decided that we had to go for a walk.  So, Esme took Lucy, I took Sweetie and Mark took Spud all on leashes down to the lake for a walkabout.

I can clean up the next few days and organize some.  With having the migraine a few days before Christmas and then having to work Christmas Eve, the house kind of needs a going over.

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