Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting things done

I feel as if I've been getting some things done.. although they aren't things easy to show off on the blog.  It's one or a dozen... I could either slump into doing nothing or burn off extra energy in a frenzy.  Instead, I'm trying a few things that aren't exactly 'fun' to many people but they energize me more because I feel like I'm getting things accomplished and things are nicer because of it.

I've been working here and there to earn a gift card by entering in receipts and doing small programming jobs on Amazon.  I tried it at a start just for something to do after I dropped Esme off at the bus - and have found that the mathematics and patterns in it are interesting in itself.  I'm sure very few people are able to say that they see beauty and elegance in the patterns formed by shopping receipts and mean it... but my brain works that way.  I got to do a handful in Spanish and another in French the other day - and that was truly interesting.  And I do get a small (this week not so small) monetary benefit out of it besides that.  I'm about to order a lightweight dustbuster vacuum thing that I probably  would never buy outright but it feels like when you sold enough cookies as a kid to earn the bicycle instead of just the visor.  *heh*  Mark really helped me out yesterday by putting a second monitor on my screen so the receipt entry isn't switching between tabs... I think that sped me up tenfold.

So, beyond that side job - the house is looking much better organized.  Much fewer things are going bad in the fridge because I am trying to pay close attention to using almost everything I open.  And I have lost a little weight.  The laundry is keeping up... things are clean.  There are nice kitchen towels hanging up and Lucy has a clean dog bed today.  I found a melted through bottle of pine-sol in the cabinet (eek) and cleaned that up... and the bathroom floor is now quite clean using up the rest of it.  Probably tackle the kitchen a bit with the last dregs tonight.

Best of all Esme is happy in her school and although getting up in the predawn is still a challenge it is a physical one not a mental battle.  She wants to go to school.  I tell her she has to keep on her schedule with making lunch, taking a shower, going to bed - and she grumbles a second and then realizes it really is for her own good. 

We're reading My Haunted House in the Araminta Spookie series.  Esme thinks it is quite funny.

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