Monday, August 08, 2016


The bus was on time this morning, and this afternoon.  I've had the day off, reading mostly.  Our internet is seriously having issues, isp side, cannot connect to many sites.  I would like to put some more things on Etsy but it is blocking me.  Had a meeting at the school to go to, technology awareness and authorization forms.  Saw her teacher for a moment and she said it was a good day.  Esme doesn't have much to report that's bad - except a few kids being rude on the playground.  She's dealing with that well.  She's still excited to go.  Got her to get her lunch ready and just about to put her to bed.

She did say it had been a long day..... and that was about 4 o clock.  All the days are going to be long now.  I just hope I can get enough sleep here and there!

Tomorrow I need to take the boy kittens to the flea market after she gets on the school bus.  They need homes.  We also lost our Chickenletta ... just gone, with only a feather left in the coop.  The other two chickens are still there and fine, but they aren't handleable as she was.  She was over six years old and still laying eggs... pretty amazing. 

So I have the day off tomorrow but it will be another long one!

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