Friday, August 26, 2016

A day off while Esme is at school...

I'm using my spare time to do more than just read and knit and look up recipes.  I've started looking at a few receipt rewards and coupon sites to cushion the expenses of items for school lunch and more hair care products -- and they have paid off some already.  If I can just get in the habit.  I figured I have this free time now here and there that otherwise I'll just spend cruising around pinterest or facebook or ... and this is something that has possibility to benefit us.  And I've started another program that will reward with gift certificates to a site we use... so that is going to be cool if we can decide what we want.  I'm finding the surveys and things it asks me to do interesting and hope they will help as our household isn't very typical (that is for sure). 

Esme reports third grade is awesome!  We haven't heard anything negative from the teachers, and it is already the end of another week.  She says she loves having gym and music and all the different teachers in different classes.

I haven't played much more with the blender but I bought some apples and harvested more tomatoes today.

We watched a strange version of the Snow Queen from Netflix.  It had a very different cinema format than most movies nowadays... but it told the story (as seen from the Blue Fairy and other color books) faithfully and well. 

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