Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Celery Orange Juice

I took about half a can of mandarin oranges, all the liquid that had come in the can and two chopped celery stalks and put them in the blender this morning. I had to wash the celery extra good - it comes from the store pretty dirty.  I didn't include the tops or the very bottom of the stalk and I peeled some of the fibrous outside off of each stalk.

 I didn't add any extra water or sweeteners.  The mandarin oranges were in 'light syrup' as it was.  I pulsed it until it was good and mixed.

  I used a stainless steel vegetable steamer as a strainer to get out the pulp. 
I put a cereal bowl underneath to catch the juice.

  The juice was pretty good!  I used about half of it for breakfast (with an egg and toast) and saved half to go with me to work as part of a midmorning snack.

bits:  I've been giving Esme some mandarin oranges and mlik for breakfast a few days this week - out of this can.  She really doesn't want to eat breakfast at all... even five oranges and a 1/4 cup of milk she looks at and says 'That seems like a lot.'  She just isn't ready to eat so early (before 6 am) in the morning.  But I know she doesn't get a snacktime until about 9 or 10... so I don't want her getting cranky.  I think it is working.  She packs her own lunch to go to school and eats most of it, and Mark makes sure she has a decent supper every night to make up for it.

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