Thursday, August 04, 2016

bits of school stuff and organizing

We went to meet Esme's third grade teacher this morning.  I'm optimistic... she didn't blow Esme's questions off or roll her eyes at her stutter like the last teacher did (and threw up warning signs we didn't follow through on fast enough).  I just hope Esme doesn't give her too much grief.. she will some... there are going to be a LOT of changes she will have to face the next few weeks.

Bedtime routine is one of them.  We've been going earlier and getting up at 6 every morning.  She is crabby.  She doesn't want to read her book with me at night - I can read, but she doesn't want to.  I solicited some advice, and bedtime is going to change.  And there is going to be a clearly written list of things in order.  She won't have to read, but if she acts up during the list, or during the reading I will do to finish out our book. I'm done with it then and there.  It does make sense.  I hope I can stick to it.  She has been even more of a pain than usual on the bedtime routine since I started moving it earlier - and anxiety from worrying about school is there a bit, too.

I'm working out my own anxiety a bit by organizing my huge supply of craft stuff.  Sorting out, purging some trash out of it etc...  I also started listing some of my vintage patterns on the Etsy shop again.  These are patterns too small to use for Esme now, and I would like someone else to use them before they are ruined one way or another.  I've been keeping them nice, but well... I'm not using them.  They need a better home.

There's some from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s ... mostly sizes 2 to 6 little girls.

Simplicity 7196 and Simplicity 3316, two of the patterns I've used and am now ready to pass on.

Organized a lot in the sewing area - still have a ways to go... sat down and cut apart the skirt on one of her  old dresses and made a pair of night shorts for her.  Got everything ready for school tomorrow, lunch and snack packed, shoes and backpack located etc etc... made a list so we don't forget to get the lunch and take a picture tomorrow.

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