Tuesday, August 23, 2016


It's been a week.  Oh wait, tomorrow is Wednesday.  It's been a week in three days - or it feels like that.  Everyone has had to play with the personal blender a bit - orange banana juice, and ice cream shakes etc...  I also made some celery/apple juice was surprisingly good without any honey or sugar in it at all.

Esme forgot to do her homework the other day and finished it at school in a break time.  She thought that was 'sneaky and not allowed'.  So she swore the only girl who saw her do it to secrecy.  I think it is cool that she realized she would be asked for it and instead of waiting for the punishment she kicked into gear and got it done.  Not sure if the school would think the same thing.. but anyway, she got it done.  And she remembered her folder tonight and got tomorrow's work done.

Esme and I are finishing 'Happy Birthday Kirsten'.. the last of that series that we didn't have.  Then I think I'll try to start her on the Araminta Spookie books.

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