Friday, August 05, 2016

First day of Third Grade

Back to public school, first day of third grade!

We waited for an hour at the bus stop and no bus... so we had to take her in.  Mark will have to get her this afternoon while I'm at work.  I hope she has a good day... we're on our way.

It;s so quiet in the house!  I hope she is having a good day.  I ordered a photo album for her with pics of her family, this picture and another good one I had taken last month.  She was having a little anxiety cry last night about not remembering everyone and not knowing how everyone was, getting thing mixed up etc..  I had given her my glass top display box for her rock and shell collection and she was going through the things I put in there (cleaned out from their previous home by my sewing box) and remembering who gave her what.  She really liked that I put in the geological samples she dug out for HS last year, and the iron-on patch from the planetarium, and the shells from Kentucky Lake.  The big shell her grandparents gave her last time they visited was in there, too.

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