Monday, August 29, 2016


It's been a rough weekend - a very very early morning (get there when its still dark and the moon is up) meeting at work, after a late night.. and I don't think I got hardly anything done this weekend after that.  I just threw the laundry in this morning.  Mark and Esme were working on colds, and trying to get over that.  I've been giving Esme green tea with orange juice and honey, and chicken soup with garlic powder (just a little).  She seems like she is getting over it.  Esme is off to school now and I've got to get to ready to go into work in a few hours.  I've got to check for something that was supposed to come in Friday, among other things.

I am happy that I've gotten a few recognitions at work for how I work with the customers - but it also feels like it comes with a big tag of responsibility.  So now that I've been voted as the best example of this particular aspect -- I've got to focus even more on it myself.  There are several things I could do better there, but a lot of them require being more than one person and that hasn't happened yet.

I've been thinking of going through the drawers in our room and sorting out the 'little worn' stuff into an underbed container.  Then I will have more room for the things I actually wear on a regular basis.  I've got my eye on a zipup container that will keep dust out - as the storage containers I have for my sewing cloth don't do a good job on that.

I think I'm nearing the end of the fourth book in Outlander.  My Kindle was needing to be charged last night, so I didn't get much further.

The only crafting I've done is a few more rows on the purple shawl... It is getting about half as wide as it should be which means slow going from here up.

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