Sunday, July 24, 2016

the bits of blue and orange fur

We took Grandma into town today, did some shopping, let Esme have a good run around in the indoor park.  Now she has been outside in the sprinkler, fed chickens and is spending a long time in a cool bathtub.  Over 90 out.... not so bad of a 'sport'.  I've asked her to help me sort through her books in her room... and later plan on clearing out shelves and combining toy containers to free some up for other things.  I put her 'sports equipment' like the soccer ball and baseball and tennis stuff all in one big container - so we will be able to grab what she needs quicker than in the past. Making progress.  I'm working on recipe ideas for her lunchbox, as well as mine.  Cleaning up a few more areas, the wire rack for food boxes on our table, the wire rack for shoes in the bath... etc etc.  I bought Esme's shoes for school.  So, little things are making progress.

 A study of 'orange on orange on orange'
Pumpkin and her kitten Caramel


I put this shawl downstairs in Esme's room for using at night when I am reading with her .. sometimes I need one and diving under her blanket seems a bit much and I don't want to climb back upstairs to get one.  It is a blue 'fur' yarn and then when that ran out, I started in with a blue acrylic I had a lot of.  I'm starting another one based on something I saw on Ravelry with drop stitches.. but not sure how I'll go with it yet -- I began with the scraps from the rug and other items I was working on.  I promised myself another crochet bag for Esme's stuffed toys too - the first one is proving more useful than not.

The other night I made some creamy Italian garlic salad dressing and it was strong but good.  I wrote down a number of recipes and put it in a notebook down in the kitchen.  We got one ear of corn, more tomatoes and some okra out of the garden.  I might try to bake a little breaded okra tonight in the toaster oven for myself. 

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