Friday, July 22, 2016

bits and dressing

Esme killed her games tablet this morning - accidentally dropped it (again).. and it didn't come back this time.  She is in mourning, of a sort.  I told her she could get a new game this morning if she could modulate her voice and follow directions really well for about three days.. and she had.  And then she does that just before I wake up in the morning.  Well.  She cried for about a half hour and then moved back to her computer game.  It's not the end of the world but she isn't getting another one for a while.  $$, and we have to get her school things still.

On a side note I've been playing with salad dressing from scratch.
Extra virgin olive oil.
Dijon brown mustard
Cider or red wine vinegar
(maybe some lemon juice in a future one)....

I have this bad habit of buying a dressing, putting it in the back of the fridge after using it three times, and then believing it has gone bad and not touching it until it truly has gone bad and wants to eat me instead.  Trying to break that habit by making it from scratch in small quantities when I need it.  It has worked pretty well this week.

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