Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Productive and dreamcatcher

Esme has been asking me to make a 'dreamcatcher sort of thing' for her out of this piece of bark and her feather collection for a while - tonight Mark drilled the bark and we added some shells and a little silver charm someone at work gave me for her... it turned out neat!

Today: I had a dentist appointment early in the afternoon, and after we got home I was able to get some things done around the house.  I took the weaving off my loom and started to make it into a bag for my Kindle.  I have to knit the strap yet.  I;m thinking if I can make an inner pocket in it to hold my phone it can almost replace the big purse I'm currently carrying....but because I've been carrying the big purse I have things in it now that I would never normally carry, like a bottle of ibuprofen, a sewing kit, a ziploc with an assortment of tea.. how did that stuff happen?  It will probably be a 'day bag' sort of thing not for carrying to work but for days out to the library etc.

I started sweeping and cleaning the house in the middle of all of that - I didn't have enough courage to tackle my sewing area early on (where I was knitting the strap and a bit dismayed by the piles o stuff)... so I started downstairs.  After getting into cleaning the fridge and several other really yucky jobs that needed doing, I finally came upstairs and made a new pincushion, cleaned up the sewing area SOME... and then  got Esme involved in making decisions about the dream catcher.  We hung it up in her room and she likes it.

I have tomorrow off, too -- maybe Brigadoon coming in the mail and a few other projects to try to get to.  Laundry.. don't forget laundry.  I'm reading the Outlander series and am in the second book.  OY, let's just say I wasn't quite ready for these books but OK, I'm reading through.

I still need to take the loom entirely down tomorrow too... so I can reclaim that space.  The embroidered name tags came for Esme's lunchbag and backpack.. and I can try to get the one on the lunchbag tomorrow... maybe?

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