Monday, July 11, 2016


Esme went for her second trip to the dentist today - all good, no more for six months.  Yay!  Other than the normal running around for groceries we're glad to be home and rest up.  Esme is focused on her dragon game. Same as last time - she was sleepy and a bit woozy for a few hours afterward and then she was up and roaring, spinning in the kitchen and saying how she really really wanted to play Minecraft with me and it was the end of the world that Daddy was using his computer for something else.  Back to normal for her.

 I'm still reading the second book of Outlander series, going slowly...  and knitting some dishcloths.  There are other projects maybe I should be doing... hmm.

Little bits:
At the supermarket Esme picked up a twenty pound bag of beans and tried to give it to me.  She didn't even have to struggle to pick it up, although putting it back was a little trouble as it was sliding it into the shelf without knocking any others down.  I boggled for just a moment, as it weighs more than a quarter of her weight - they weighed her at the dentist!  No, we didn't buy the beans.  She does come by the strength naturally... I pick up things half my weight in my department at work....and it is about the equivalent of me hauling bags of salt or concrete around.  However, I don't do those with anywhere near that amount of ease.

Mark said we're teaching her to either be a lawyer or a smart aleck.. but the smart aleck comes naturally so she didn't really have a chance on that one.  She was arguing some technicality of a discussion with him earlier.... as she often does.

We hope to be able to rest tomorrow too... which may mean a bit more cleaning up and organizing for me.  We'll see.  Esme wanted to sell at the flea market but it intends to rain I think...  I finally ordered a ring a little smaller (I hope) to replace or add to the one I wear that is too big.  I am always worried it will slip off my hand and go flying.  I'm not really a jewelry person but I took some time looking for something I really wanted to wear, in hopes that it would fit better... and did find something really inexpensive that I liked  so it is worth the try.


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