Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cornbread and mirror

We got up this morning and went to the flea market, and Esme sold some of her things.  We only stayed a few hours, as I was getting a headache.  It didn't let up much at home, either.  I made some cornbread (from a box). I had been thinking about cornbread crumbs mashed down into butter with a fork for about a week ... it finally got me and I bought some the other day.  Esme and I brought some tomatoes up to Grandma, and she borrowed me several magazines. 

After a bit with the headache still not letting up I started working on cleaning and painting this mirror.  Mark got it for free a few years ago with our dressers, and it has sat in a corner on the floor near this exact spot for all that time.  It was originally brown wood all the way around, scratched and really needed a cleaning.

 I had decided a few months ago I would probably paint it and also that it would end up red... I just needed to find the right day to tackle it.  It took two coats of paint on everything.

It turned out pretty good!
Much, much better than the way it was, and actually useful now.
Bit by bit I'll keep working on things I can continue to make and fix up for the house.

It is 11:30, Esme has long since read her chapter with me and been tucked into bed, and I've still been cleaning for a bit.  The headache is finally gone... worked through it.  The laundry room and the bathroom are nicer for it.  The kitchen got a little bit of it, but there are things to do later.  Still... I really thought, as I scrubbed at a corner of the floor by the bathtub... I'm not just working through the headache, I'm worrying about Esme's school starting in a few weeks and sort of using up that energy elsewhere to keep from expanding on that worry too much.  I do that - I always have, it is a habit I learned from my mother.  At least it is getting some good results and I'm not just fretting idly.   

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