Monday, July 18, 2016


We're scheduled to meet the principal for the re-entry meeting tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping it goes well.  We've arranged for Esme to stay at her Grandma's so we can get  there on time and she can have fun with Grandma in a sleepover.  She told us she hopes it all comes out well and good luck.  Ironic.  I am a little worried, yes.  I came home and cleaned up our entryway of outside tools and garden pots and etc.. and then went and cleaned the door in the downstairs hallway that has glass panes.  Both areas look much nicer and neater now.  Little bit at a time, one area after another...

Esme quote: Mom, I know you like this cleaning and this (lavendar pine sol) is kind of nice, but have you thought at all what the dogs think about this?  Do you think they like this smell?  There are eight of them and we should think about them.

Next : I do have a large pile of books to go through we just don't have any place to put them.  And Esme's room needs a sorting of baby books and a giveaway on those... I hate to throw out books of any kind, but she needs the room as well.  And then we have another area in our bath that has old shoes and boots in a wire basket I will tackle next.

Other : I picked up the folder for my Magpie book again yesterday and reworked it over again and added another chapter.  I want to work the Watch Brigade story into that too - to make the characters all part of the same family... but I'm not sure yet how to do it.  And, I still haven't let anyone else read it, although I have told the storyline to Grandma and to G's mom trying to work out some things.  It still needs more ....purpose - drive, reasons for the story.  It is so dreamlike too, it makes it even harder to pull off that 'why do I want to read this and not something else?'.  But, nine printer pages in small type and about five chapter breaks... ideas for illustrations, and places to expand.  Not bad for something I started last December and haven't worked on much.  And I still really like several things in it.  It has potential.

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