Thursday, July 14, 2016


I've been getting more done... tackled a few more areas of the house for cleaning.  Just trying to get a little bit done here and there.  I was proud of getting a new top put on Esme's old toy table.  I used vinyl covering over a piece of brown matboard and it covered up the old scratched and ripped top really well.  It looks like a new table and it can be cleaned easily.  I also got this painting hung on the wall that I really love - we had the poster frame elsewhere and I just turned the poster in it to the back.  I put a coat of dark cobalt blue paint on the little stool we keep in our kitchen and mopped the entire floor with the Libman Wonder Mop.. which is a cool seven dollar toy.  It's starting to look really nice downstairs - although I have to tackle the counterspace next.

This is a painting I made in February, 2001, more than fifteen years ago.
The weirdest thing is this painting almost looks the same turned upside down..
And I didn't notice it until the other day when I carried it upstairs and kept wondering what was wrong - this didn't look quite like the same painting I remembered.. even though it had been a long time... then I noticed the signature and righted it and was shocked at the way some of the fish 'work' right side and upside down.

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