Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday bits

It has been a long week - I finally get a day off tomorrow.  We went out for a few groceries today, and I showed Esme what a rutabaga looks like.  I brought one home and had her watch me peel it and cut it up - put it in an oven dish with a little water and olive oil and sprinkle spices on it.  Then it went in the toaster oven on bake for an hour.  I'll take it to work for my supper, with the rest of what we had cooked the other night.  When we checked out with it (and all the rest of the groceries) the cashier said she had never seen one before.  Esme said it smelled nice.. but I won't have her eat it this time around (and I really do want to eat it!)...Mark has planned porkchops for their dinner tonight and she already had lunch.

She wants to go to the park tomorrow -and I did promise if the weather is good.  She wants to see if the ducks are there yet.  Her other ideas were all a bit much -- go to Kentucky Lake (it is not yet warm enough) and swim, go to the roller rink.. and we had talked about going to the Land Between the Lakes homestead sometime next year.  We were reading the next few chapters in Little House and they baked bread, made butter, made bullets for the hunting alongside their father, and are getting ready for Christmas. 

I started and finished Call of the Wild again, had forgot a few bits here and there - like when the sled goes through the ice just after Buck was rescued.  I need to download a few more of those free books.. as I have worked my way through quite a few of that era lately...brings back memories as many of these books were in my brother's classics collection or cast-off at library sales at the time I was really wanting things to read as a kid and had very few in the house.  I know reading so many books of that era-1850-1940, effected the way I grew up, and what I came to value.. I have been sort of saving Dora Deane for a while - reading the others by the authoress that I had not known existed before... that was a quarter book from the library when I was nine or ten, and I read it although it may have been a little 'old' and romantic for me at the time...I likened little Dora to the matchgirl in the fairy tale that dies in the cold, except she was rescued at the last moment.  I finished Homestead on the Hillside and the English Orphans by her recently, as well as the Rice Corner pair...and told Esme little bits out of them that were the most memorable.  I have some Horatio Alger (the other side of the coin, poor boys work hard and make their fortunes) downloaded, and am working towards finding the rest of the Tarzans and Princess of Mars series, as well.

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