Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Esme's attempt to recreate the roller rink here in town.  She built the rink out of ice so it really would slide.  She has little chests in the blue area in the middle with item frames with boots, for the rollerskates, and chests underneath that with the diamond, gold or iron 'rollerskates' inside.  The eating area is off to the right of the counter, just like in the real rink in town -and it has a high counter with stuff behind it, just like in the real place.  Instead of the air hockey table, she has made a 'ride the horse' game, and instead of a token machine she has a chest way off in the corner that says 'tokens'.  What tickled me the most is on the wall are chests full of 'toy prizes' and 'food' and on the counter is a chest that says 'two tickets' full of flower prizes.

And a little comment about myself.  I honestly could not pass a chemistry test put in front of me at the moment.  I am halfway mixed-up in physics unless I dive into it for a while first.  I am fairly good at math - but last time I went through the steps I broke up at dividing polynomials and I am still offended by that... need to find more resources and smack that tetherball hard until I figure it out.  But I feel I have no time...or at least none that will be usefully applied to this when there are so many other things that are pressing.

But, my brain won't shut up.  I dust vanities at work and out of nowhere I am compelled to find out what actinides have to do with paramagnetism.  I solve a garden hose adapter problem for someone and the phrase 'green gallium' comes up...then before I know it I am propelled into indium gallium superconductors at the same time there are all these interesting articles about them (which I had not even seen hair of before that).  I woke up one night with some very clear idea of a melting point threshold and reaction with a tin compound that was all written out in front of me like some foreign language.  And lately praseodymium crystals, optics and again magnetism are chewing on that same little corner of my brain suggesting words to look up.  But the rational part of my brain says 'I don't know anything about this!'.  The real question is - I obviously know (at some level) something about this, and I am just refusing myself time to study it, because it feels like 'chasing butterflies.'  What is the answer to that?  I don't know... and Esme comes bounding up the stairs and asks to play games.

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