Friday, June 05, 2015

At the duck park




We went to Mulberry Park today, in McKenzie, TN and met up with some friends.  Esme wanted to take pictures of the ducks, and to feed them.  We went for a little ice cream afterwards and to play for a while.

M4817 McCalls multilayer sundress pattern.  I intended to cut out the size 6, but some of the pieces for the top were closer to the size 8 - so I might need to add a pair of ties to the back to keep it from being the tiny bit gappy while she grows.  I reduced it by one layer, and also pleated it, instead of gathering it..because I 'roll that way' when I sew.  I hate to gather the fabric first.  The pink fabric was something she had chosen years ago for pants and I couldn't quite bring myself to work with it (eye searing)...but a matching pair of shorts for this might be doable now that this turned out so well.  She added the silk flower.  She is uncanny sometimes....I had just been looking at that spot and wondering what to do with the little bit of ugly stitching that had happened at that spot and she was at my elbow with the flower a friend gave her today.  I do worry a bit how well that part will wash...but we'll see.

Who is Pippi?  We'll have to read that sometime...

Rainforest mind - linked to me by a friend of mine, look at later

What do I hear all the time, now?  'Speaking of xxxx, ......goes on with some question or comment'.  I can directly trace that to Gadget the mouse from Rescue Rangers. :) Ha!

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