Friday, June 19, 2015


The weekend is coming up - Father's Day and my birthday.  Mark got a steak :)  I have a cake to bake with Esme tomorrow.  Not much going on today - finished reading the Emily series in book form, and started reading some of the kids poems and stories that I had downloaded earlier.  I adapted a very old book of poems from 1899 to use for her homeschool next year - some cute things there and I can add illustrations.  There are several witty puns and topics (birds, squirrels, cats and dogs) she will be able to relate to.

Esme read us her bird book from the library today as incentive towards playing bird with her in Minecraft for a while.  She read very well - and only missed some rather large words- like clamoring, territory etc... I wanted to mark down that I heard her read a lot of new words with understanding -- the level I thought she was at is confirmed.  When she is interested in the subject the book isn't 'too long' either.. as long as there are some pictures.

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