Thursday, June 11, 2015

A few days off

Esme and I made Chicken Marinara last night - simple, but a good learning recipe.
She quite enjoyed it, and with Mark's tomato sauce already made up, it was very good.

Then we watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which she loved so much that we are watching it again today.

We had a day out to town today - to the library and the playplace - as it was too hot for the park.  Esme played with a lot of kids.  I bought a few magazines and a book for her.  She chose a bird book to check out with her card.  On the way home we saw a mother deer and her VERY new fawn cross the road - it was so very small!

I'm not sure what we'll do later - we have been working on a new Minecraft world that centers around a blacktop freeway.  We've put in a bank, a few houses, a swimming 'pool', a store and a pizza restaurant.  We are centering around horses as 'cars' and setting up the 'parking lots' off the highway just like they are in a real town, except each having a fence post to tie up a horse at.

I've started a new sketchbook...drew something halfway decent in it after Esme went to bed last night.  I am halfway through reading Emily Climbs (the middle book of Lucy Maude Montgomery's Emily Starr trilogy) on the Kindle, and am thinking of how (or which) to tackle my thoughts on chemistry and math.  If I could break out some time at night on my computer I could listen to some more Khan Academy where I left off last...or gather up my books and jot some relevant things in my sketchbook, which has worked very well for me in the past.

Back to work tomorrow, and tooth exam on Monday.

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