Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Capture this before it passes me by. 

I have seen Esme grabbing cards off of our bulletin board -ones sent by her great aunt and others, and reading bits of them, and putting them back.  There is an element of 'you didn't tell me to read that' in it.. curiosity... and sometimes I see her expression flicker and I wonder what she has found.   I an glad to see it.  And she has been scanning the spines of the books on our non-fiction shelf -and saying she has seen those before.  I told her she could take any book from that shelf and look through it, even if all she wanted to do was look at it for a minute... or read a lot, as long as she takes care of it and puts it back.  She said she thought those were our books, so she had been leaving them alone.  We said she could look at any book in the house -if it was fragile or looked very old we would appreciate her asking for help with it.

I wonder if that would be a good time exercise for homeschool, too, a day or two here and there ...pick anything you want to look at - and get to know what is in the shelves. We have so many books - it can be intimidating!  And as I mentioned before - she has always taken books sort of 'for granted'...seeing any curiosity is a good thing.

Last night she read a page or two of the chapter in Little House in the Big Woods I had been reading to her. She really wanted to get up and run around the room in laps.  Mark was a bit exasperated by this behavior.   I know she is getting some out of reading this- but it doesn't use up all of her energy..and she has been having huge bursts of energy whenever I get home she just can't sit still etc... something we need to work on and figure out what is the best method.

We went to the flea market this morning, and bought some more wool, some vegetables, and saw goats, chickens, ducks and more.

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