Sunday, June 21, 2015

6 squared on Father's Day

Ready to blow out the candle

Esme helped

We baked and frosted a cake together yesterday.  Esme wanted to ensure I had a 'birthday party' with presents and a cake and ice cream.  Somehow it all came together.  Mark and Irene gave me some lovely thoughtful presents -and Esme drew me some pictures and made a puppet, and helped Mark pick out yarn.  Mark insisted I buy a copy of Banished, a town building survival game he had found that is like the kind of games I like to play.  Irene gave me a lovely purple shirt (shown in the picture) and some sweet things.  Mark got his steak the other day, and a paper blue caterpillar from Esme in a tube.  His Mom sent him some oven gloves to counteract his love of flaming hot things ;)

I woke up and wandered the world for a few minutes just as the sun was coming up. It is my yearly tradition.  I saw the flowers that were blooming and was invited by our dogs to chase rabbits in the long wet grass.  I felt a little like a Highland lady walking along the road next to the misty valley with my blanket thrown over my shoulder and a long skirt skimming the wet leaves.  Then I had a bit of a nap until Esme came bounding upstairs wanting to have all the presents opened immediately.  She didn't understand (couldn't fathom at all)why anyone would want to wait a single minute.

We cut the cake about noon, and brought a piece up to Grandma about two.  We had planned to spend a nice day at home and try not to get really hot.  Some sad news happened while we were there talking to Grandma - our sweet dog Loula was hit by a truck on the road.  They probably would have all been home if we hadn't been out visiting ourselves.  Mark did the necessaries for her - he said we didn't want to see.... I will miss her.  Esme will miss her, too....she is more worried that I am sad about it.  A sad thing in such a nice day.

My dad gave me a call and Gale also left me a message on Facebook.

My sillies having a puppy dog eye staring cntest 
Soon after this I ushered her off to a bath, bed, and finished telling her the fairy tale of the Snow Queen.

Comments to remember
Watching 'Idiocracy' : Esme says: "I need to see their inventor person. Maybe he isn't living anymore. That would be bad - they need one, because they don't have good ideas. And they need to learn how to spell hospital, and get non-green water. Their machines don't even work." How many times have we watched this and she hasn't commented on it at all?
Talking abut numbers while she washed her hair in the's millions, then billions, then zillions, then gazillions. 
(me: and then a googleplex- that is where the word google comes from, because there are that many things to search through to find things) 
and a googleplex plus one? 
(yes, and then there is another number, infinity, which is the biggest number you could ever have, and it is always getting bigger, because it is the largest number there ever can be) 
and infinity plus one? 
 It's just like the Earth.
The Earth is always getting bigger,all the time.
(No, the Earth stays pretty much the same size - the Universe is getting bigger around it, all the way to the edges and growing all the time.) 
Oh, yea, that - and it is growing because time is passing, and going out further and further
(me: That could be.  Scientists are working on that).  
And the smallest number is zero, then, because it is nothing at all.  
(me: No, - zero is zero. Nothing added, nothing taken away - balanced.
Oh, yea.
( Remember infinity?  Think about that the other way- negative infinity)
 nods - I know that one.  And you go the other way (from zero) one two three four --...and it is less all the time 
(Yes, and then the smallest number then would be (negative) infinity minus one.  ) you want a frog?  I have a frog.
 And ...that was that.

I'll leave this with the very first picture we had of Loula, from Christmas Eve, 2011, and one from when she grew up into one of the best dogs we have had-- a 'classic all-around' dog.  Poor girl.

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