Monday, June 15, 2015

The Murray bits

We went to Murray, KY today - to see the oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth.  They gave me the news, not quite as bad as what I thought it might be...but still, it will take some planning to do what, to them, must be done. *Sigh*  Onward.

I stopped at the Murray Sewing center, and splurged on a yard of fabric that will become part of a new dress for Esme.  I need to weed out some of her things, as well...and I wanted to replace like for like.  I chose this

I had wanted a 'red calico' print with some blue in it.. which turns out to be hard to find.  Out of all of their stock, this was about the only thing that fit the bill.  I had searched our local place as well and not found anything that satisfied the idea.  Esme had pointed out several bright pink monstrosities that could have bee made into something nice...Mark indicated a pattern full of purple and green squirrel silhouettes (which would have made awesome pants) but my heart was set on a 'timeless dress'.  I have never made anything as beautiful as her Navy blue dress with Pockets, which had a little rose motif on it.  I have tried a few times to emulate it...but failed. The next decision on this one is to go with the apple green mixer print I have in my stash, or the bright red solid- for the skirt. I imagine this for the bodice front and back.. one yard should do that.

I have downloaded some English poetry in Amazon's free Kindle books - to browse after I finish the Emily Starr trilogy. She mentions so many of them in this series.  I have read all of them here and there ...but never had them so closely at hand as to read them when I wished.

We are home now, chickens fed and a relaxing night ahead of us. And I have tomorrow off, so there might be some time to sew.  The fabric is washing and drying...I should go pick out a pattern as that takes me longer now that she is bigger than it ever used to.

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