Saturday, June 13, 2015


Esme has been building these in her Minecraft.  She modelled them off a plastic dinosaur toy she has.  This really shows where her natural talent lies.. she can just start and build something with an idea in her head given materials and tools she can use. 

She named this world 'Jurassic Esme'.
It even had small pools of water to the other side of the house that were dinosaur footprint shaped.

 This is in our shared world - Freeway world.. where we are all working together.

I went out to the garden this morning and pulled in ingredients for a soup, which I took for lunch at work.  I have been avoiding the garden some these past few weeks after all the weird weather made half our crops fail to thrive.  But Mark is right- I'll lose what is producing if I keep feeling scorned and neglecting it.  It also doesn't help that I am just so tired lately, Esme wants to play her games SO much (she is exhausting normally, but the undirected energy of no-school schedule in the day seems to exhaust me MORE not less...mostly because she gets prone to repetition and throwing stuff about randomly without something we forge ahead on) When I get up in the morning I am getting ready for work -and when I get home from work I hardly have much time before it is time for bed...I feel like I can't burn the candle at both ends to get anything done, and a bit stressed by the idea of starting things and not being able  to finish them for days.

We did read a bit more in our Little House book.  She isn't into it - but I feel it is important she hears how life was that long ago.  I do see some gears turning here and there - especially during the 'when I/grandpa etc were little' stories.  I've also been scanning here and there for more resources for her science next year - as I feel that will get her excited in other realms.  I am toying with the idea of making her a folder for the main subjects and holding her to finish what is in there (whether I'm here or Daddy is) and then she can decide what to do for the rest of the required time for the day. 

I asked her what she wanted to learn most next year and she said Roller skating tricks...and woodworking (making things with wood).  And she wants to go the zoo again (She said that this morning when she woke up).  When she did her journal entry today she said she was glad her writing was getting  better and staying in a straight line now instead of going up and down all over.  It really is the little things.  I need to work on recognizing that, myself.


LEfting said...

Wow! Esme is a very talented, artistic little girl! Really amazing...

RheLynn said...

Thank you :)