Monday, December 22, 2014

The Balloon Experiment (and puppies, and Christmas stuff)

Apparent disbelief

Esme has been asking us for more than a week to do this experiment.  She was still wanting to do it, even though she is not 'officially' on homeschool this week.  So, we finally did it.  According to the internet calculations it would have taken four one-foot diameter balloons to raise 48 grams of weight.. but the weight of the balloons and the string were not calculated.  We ended up cutting off 27 grams of tube and adding one more balloon - and then the balance worked.  We had her use a balance scale to weigh the tube before, and the entirety of the cuttings to find out how much cardboard weight was lifted.

Now she is using the cut off tube parts to make a snail headband (with balloons for eyes) and a shell for the snail costume out of K'nex.  She has been busy today!  She also drew banners for upstairs and downstairs to celebrate the holiday, with lots and lots of little pictures in between all the letters.

 The Mad scientists themselves...
Daddy and Esme :)

 It works!
 Spy girl

This is the energy level she has all day long.. it can barely be contained, the jumping, the thinking, the building, the drawing, the running, skating, climbing in and out of boxes... and we (as parents) never wonder if she has 'hyper' problems.. She has been laying out and designing the snail shell all by herself with great progress for the past ten minutes or more.. knows what she wants to get done and is focused on doing it. (Well, she did end up using her backpack - we all wondered why we didn't think of that before!)

Her Happy Holidays banner with lots of little drawings of the puppies,and Santa and his sleigh
She draws reindeer just like I do :)
We have bits to wrap up still for Christmas, and cookies to make... 

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