Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It is so cold outside... and we're still trying to get into the drift...

 A little paper birdcage for her digital bird she bought yesterday.

8:30a - drawing animals, meerkats, zoo, rhino in bathtub
9a - break

9.45a    - paper birdcage project

10.45a    - Tynker app
11.15a    - break (she had to go to her room to 'cool off' after a disagreement about the app

11:45a - listening to chapter 3 Charlottes Web
         discussion of what happened in the chapter

cooked rice noodles and put together a plate of different foods, strawberries, mandarin oranges, broccoli, sausage and pumpkin bread.

1:45 p -  Carmen Sandiego cartoon (geography) - 3 eps. (we skipped the music, it's awful!)
2:15 p -  break

Dad had mentioned doing some vocabulary words.. or math practice on the tablet?

She is trying to be on good behavior to go to the indoor playplace.. but we've had a couple of hard days with bouncing / over-energy and also with some attitude... Trying to get school over for the day before we go out - which leaves a lot of time for her to argue etc and get in a bad mood... but we'll see how this works.

It is very very cold outside... and that wears on all of our attitudes!

I'm getting to the end of Fool's Fate... I'd like to finish it while she plays today, too.

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