Wednesday, December 03, 2014


11a    - Snap Circuits # 10
11.30a    - Planet Earth ep 10 "Sesonal Forests"
12.30p    - Snap circuits / PE (headstands, balancing)
1p    - break

3.30p    - hair care & perserverence
4.15p    - PE (60x 10lb bench, 100x jumping jacks, 40x sit ups,
      50x, 5lb deadlift, 50x 2lb R&L curls, 25x 5lb bicurls, 30x
      7.5lb squats)

4.45p    - break

5p    - Reading aloud (Pets and Promises)
5.45p    - done

Taking apart her snap circuits project after showing it to me

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