Friday, December 19, 2014

Geo Friday

10a - turn signals and hazard lights, why we use them, what makes them happen..
     cutting and marking of trees for utitlity work, discussion of 'trees are of nature - why are we hurting them' vs replanting, shredding material for recycling by the earth etc.  When she gets her teeth in a subject she really thinks on it.

We did the post office and chose a package size that was appropriate for our item, addressed it, and sent it out.  She discussed how many people must live in our town for all the post office boxes, and how she was older than one girl in line but younger than another girl in line...

11a  - library, books, shells, meerkat colony conditions vs. hibernation?
       World Geography Explorer and globe
        discussed Asia, Russia, Japan and the Phillippines - Marianas Trench,
        discussed distance to South America from Asia, Pacific Ocean
        discussed Arctic Ocean, North Pole (all points lead south) and she showed understanding by telling me then that the South Pole would be all points from there would head North.  YES, you're getting it kid.
       Was very interested in the 'distance to walk/drive/fly' comparisons the program made.
       Showed her the globe showed the same things, but 'in the round'.. and the map was flat but the items were still 'congruous'.. you can go east and end up in the other side of the map etc.  She understood that easily and was bored by it... *sheepish*, but I had to know she understood.
        She was amazed to hear the African 'rainforest' called such when she compared it to the South American rainforest.
        She loved the 'sticker book' thing and had just discovered the 'find this place on the map with these clues' game when we had to leave.
12:3a - break for lunch
1p    - P.E. running, climbing etc.

2p    - buying school supplies for crafts, science projects
2:3p  - break to drive home... quiet during this trip, was worn out!
3:p   - Marianas Trench, Sea Urchins, Hydraulic Welding Robots
     We talked about earthquakes and volcanoes with the video online How the Planet Was Made.
     She saw people eat sea urchins, and learned random facts about them.
     She saw a video online of hydraulic welding robots like her grandpa is working on today (she had sent him a message to ask what he was working on today, and he had answered).. and talked about what 'writing the code' for one means - it is like a map and a recipe all in one, to tell the robot what to do to make the thing and have all the pieces work together.
4p    - done  (now she is downstairs running her robot bird toy all around in the air)

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