Monday, December 15, 2014


I was back to work today...
Mark and Esme spent the day in town at stores and then wrapping presents at home.

8.45a    - map making & discussion
9.15a    - break
Before I headed to work Esme and I had an argument about maps, 'north' on the compass rose, drawing the compass, comparing old maps and more...

10a    - stores /town; money and grocery list management
10.30a    - break

Mark said he had given her the grocery list and she had to read his handwriting, remember where that item was in the store, go to it and show him where it was (he would get it if it was heavy or high up).  He said it was quite an adventure letting her lead him through the store...

11.30a    - Liberty's Kids (ep 10)
12p    - cleaning table / wrapping christmas presents
1p    -
1.30p    - wrapping presents
2p    -
2.30p    - done

When she came to pick me up at work I had her sort a few fittings with me, and she talked about invisible ink from the Liberty's Kids show she had watched.  She drew different kinds of flying bugs - I helped her cut them out and hang them on strings.. after which Daddy helped her hang the strings up on hooks using a stick and a chair.  She also had me look up why 'pies' are called 'pies'...which was interesting.  I quizzed her on what we had found out just before I put her in bed, and she did remember!

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