Friday, December 05, 2014


7a    - Town running, dog food, scheduling and grocery lists and "why buy
      frozen things last"
8a    - break

9a    -
11a    - snap circuits #11
11.30a    - Electric Company
12.30p    - done

4:30p - shopping with Mom and Dad for vacation, new video for her history lessons
Lots and lots of K'nex and Lego building in her dragon den she has been making the past few days... 

I liked she made a 'How to Tame your Dragon' page for her violet dragon.  She said it was a Grape Fury, then reworded it during the writing stage to 'Great Fury'.  She was getting spot-on practicing several scenes with me as Hiccup and herself as Toothless, then vice-versa.

It has rained so much.

Esme told me all about the dreams she had the other night - some interesting images.. and I compared them with mine from the other day.  She dreamt a lot about dragons :)

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