Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day as clean up day

I really couldn't find any articles about this - except for cleaning out your wardrobe, to make room for new purchases.  However, we had gotten used to the idea, in Minnesota, for the day after Christmas to be a day you reorganize, bag up all the wrapping paper and empty boxes as well as loose trash, papers and 'build-up' you have around the house.  Whatever isn't where it needs to be - within reason (it is still a holiday) gets moved to a more logical place.  Clothes get reorganized, shook out, wash whatever has built up over the past few holiday days etc...  And then pile up the items for charity, dump and so forth to be dealt with over the next week.  Sometimes, we had to clean out the fridge for leftovers - or wash lots of dishes.. so the day was just a general clean-up until everyone had done something really noticeable, and then we collapse again to let it all sink in.  Maybe my family was just cleaning-oriented.  I know my mom was..

I held Esme to a 'boxing day' clean-up today, her major areas.. she grumbled.  But, it made really nice progress.  And she is being rewarded by playing on the computer game some more now.

There is a lot more we could clean up - but having a start on the basic areas feels good. 

I'm thinking what to do with the sourcream in the fridge, and maybe the pumpkin cans Mark gave me as part of my canned goods.  My 'Pumpkin' recipe book is calling to me... Mark has planned porkchops for dinner and we're all just hanging out and trying to stay warm.  The puppies have started to both grow teeth and wander the room more.  I have lots of thoughts ranging through my head - and back to work at 7 am tomorrow....

reading: Fool's Fate, Tawny Man trilogy, by Robin Hobb
---wondering about picking up Half Magic, the book I bought for Esme, after this.  It has been so long since I read it...

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