Monday, April 01, 2013

reading bit

I wrote signs in our Minecraft for Esme to read about the places that have been built.  She was able to read a few of them without any problem at all.  She is doing well with her Dick and Jane book, and with reading some of the things in Pet Society, as well.  She will attempt to sound something out after being reminded that she can - and then will try again and again through the page etc..  But, her concentration is awful.  Her actual words were 'I like the books and the words, but my heart LOVES the toys.'  Yes, yes.. I know.  I reminded her that if she reads something in a book every day she will learn 'all the things' as she puts it - because there are so many things in books.  Her eyes got wide, and she said ok, she would look at the books again with me.  Dick and Jane is not exciting, but she can read almost all the words herself, and I ask her questions about the pictures that she has to think about.  We read several 'episodes' in it last night, but she played her harmonica all the way through, reading when I asked her to, hanging upside down for half of it.  I'll take what I can get, trying to encourage it so she has some confidence in the matter and will not regress to 'I can't' because she hasn't for so long etc...  I have her trying to read Spongebob episode names now in order to get to another one after the first one finishes

It is back to work after the weekend for me, here, and six days straight until another day off.  I sent a letter with pictures off to my mom.  I have about a foot left on the net afghan before it is finished.  Esme has also been practicing with her paper cutting scissors on her own each day.  They are the little lion shaped kids ones we bought for her homeschool a while back, and she found them recently.  So far she has been good about them and keeps putting them back up on our packaging station each time.

Links: (to look through later), as I want to do more with Esme as it begins to warm up...
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