Monday, April 29, 2013

Planted bits and Novas Ten Puppies

Planted the Indian corn today, the Mandan Bride mixed with the special one from last year - the blue aleurone with the red pericarp.  It should take 85-90 days from now, and hopefully the other is similar.  The other sweet corn is just now poking its head through the ground, and it is 75-80 days.  We'll see how all that goes when it comes time for tasselling and pollination.  I want to find a place to put the Japonica striped corn out that is not too close.. but still protected.  Will think on that, maybe along the front edge, maybe along the side edge?

I also planted the Autumn beauty sunflowers, a watermelon hill, 2 Jarrahdale squash hills (all to mark the three rows of corn and vice versa), zucchini (genovese bush, early prolific straightneck and black beauty) in three hills, and a few marigolds.  I also planted a few Good Mother Stallard beans and a few others that were knocking around in a box - a Mayflower, a Bosnian, the last and only King of the Early from last year.  All of that started because I had planted the cottonseed inside in pots.  Mark is right - once I get on a roll it just goes and goes ... and then dinner was ready and I had to get Esme.

Now she is in a bad mood and we have sent her to bed, to be retrieved in a few hours to brush her teeth and get her sticker, then go to bed for the night.  I work late tomorrow - so I will be here when she wakes up.  She had wet a pair of pants again, and then told me not to talk about it - to be quiet, and not let anyone know until it dries.  Uh, no.  Sorry kid...  Mom won't play that way, ignoring the issue etc etc... but truthfully that problem is getting better.  With time and also waking up two hours after we put her to sleep - even if we have to lift her out of bed and put her on her feet -- it has become rare now during the day for us to have to yell at her.  But, there are still moments.  I think she came in from playing with the puppies outside and then forgot because she saw me playing a game... but still.

Spud and Cookie puppies talking with Esme outside.
Sweetie is the one most like Daphne, and it is a tossup whether to keep her or Spud.
Clockwise from top Bill (black), Bonnie?, Cookie(blue eyes), Dolly (head hidden), Sweetie, Spud, Brunhilde, T-Bone (under Brunhilde), Ted, Clyde = 10, yes count them, ten, five girls and five boys.  Mark has installed them out of their penned area in our kitchen and outside into a dogloo with their mom. 

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