Friday, April 19, 2013

rainbow scientist

A proud rainbow scientist wanted her picture taken so Grandma and 'all the children' could see it and say WOW.  Grandma had written down the ROYGBIV for her and she sorted out her crayons and wanted to draw them in order according to the chart.

I like Esme's big fish soft toy (seen in the table post sitting waiting for tea) more than she does sometimes, I think..... It is one of those things that fell together almost by accident one day and I have never made the pattern for it, although it is on my list of to dos.

Which is why I would now like to make one of these whale softies for her sometime - to have over for tea.. and crumpets, and plankton et al.  I found a lot of cute links that are inspiring tonight.  If only I could figure out that vacation thing they say I get more of this year... need to plan.  And I do not want to go anywhere on this vacation... I had plenty enough of unwanted travelling last year to last for a while.  Remind me of that, please, should anything come up!?

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