Friday, April 12, 2013

A Round tent for reading and playing

I've been wanting to spruce up Esme's room to make it more fun for both of us to play in there - instead of just me sit and watch her jump off her bed twenty times in a row etc etc...  I read up on a few different ways to make a tent in her room - but I was worried about her pulling down some of the other designs, and we had all the materials for this one on hand.  It is a hula hoop hung from the ceiling with strong cotton yarn, and then the fabric curtains I made for it are also tied on with cotton yarn through tab loops at the top.  I had wondered what to use this donkey fabric for - and it is a perfect match as a pretend 'tee pee' pattern. 

Boo!  She loves it :)
She says I made it and that is a hero thing.

setting up a blanket for Mr.Frog
There is my old combination lock from work on the toy chest.  I brought it home 'broken' and not working right - and she told me we needed to get a small hard tool and put it in the hole in the back of the lock (where does she get these things?) and we all worked on it together and it came open eventually.  We reset the combination and she put it on the footlocker herself (but not actually locking the box) and she actually remembered the combination this morning and was taking it off and putting it back on today.  She says she is a smart girl that is a remembering girl, who can think :)

Showing off her handiwork with Mr.Frog and the 'bed'.
I had hoped we could sit here and read books as well.  We've read some of the Hobbit together today on the Kindle e-reader.

Sitting on top of her bed with the new toothbrushing calendar

Things to remember:  Esme told me her elephants were 'making mud on the African savannah, like the lion king.'  The other day we were going to school with her and the sun was coming through the clouds in little pinpoint rays here and there.  She said that was like Africa, way over there, and there were lions over there who were holding up a baby, like on the cartoon, and all the animals - can we go there?  There is a lot going on in this little mind :)

We gave Yoda kitten and most of her siblings away today.  I wish her well... I wouldn't have given her up except the lady promised she would be very good and gentle with her.. she was still so much tinier than all of the others.



Great den! Showed it to my mila, gonna have to make her one now. Genius idea and cheap x

ElizabethEK said...

Super neat! Looks amazing.