Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Logical weekend, no push

I've had a hard week - with no real reasoning imho for it to be that hard.. it just was very tiring in general.  Mark is the one who should be tired - he has tilled the garden twice this week while I've been at work.  And today, I have off.  Esme is at school - we go to pick her up in about an hour.  We've bought a few extra plants at the co-op and we're thinking about where to put the corn seed in.

We also have to think about how to repair the old wellhouse - where the roof blew off in a storm the other week.  It has a cistern in there and some plumbing for the yard hydrants (which needs to be fixed).  We were taking a look at it and trying to decide how small or large to go.  Mark's 'large' thought was to sink poles in
the ground and hire someone to build us a roof to make a shed.

 Garden after the corn was planted

 Storm rolling in

New wellhouse cover top

I will need to get on 'summer clothes' for Esme soon.  It is getting warm finally, and she has lots of long sleeve and long pants but not a lot of warm weather clothes.  I think some of last year will fit but not all.  I had started an afghan for her room as well - it has about 8 inches to a foot on it out of what should be five feet long, and it is just a tiny bit narrower than the brown and blue one I had made last year.  It will probably get laid aside during the hot weather and picked back up in the fall - we will see... but that is the other thing that has been worked on slowly over the past week.

Esme was recording some things on the computer last night, it was funny but also very cool to watch her realize where she needs to speak up - what mumbling really sounds like etc etc...
Go to the link and press the orange 'play' button to hear Esme say it.

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