Saturday, March 30, 2013

bits for Easter weekend

We had a 'surprise' this morning, but it wasn't my kind of Easter bunny.  One of the cats had brought in a dead rabbit and was hiding under the bed with it.  Esme told me there was a small grey rabbit there - but I thought she meant a toy... her cookie rabbit toy.  She said it was real, and under the bed, just laying there.   I said we would have to get it out of there before it ate all the food in the house.  She said it wouldn't do that - it was just dead.  Of course that got me to worrying.  She insisted she wasn't fibbing, and I went with her to look, and we ended up wrapping it in a dish towel and taking a sad walk into the woods to deposit it far from the house.  She told me the black Minion cat brought a grey thing in her mouth, when she had opened the door for her, and she had went to look at what it was.  Then she was worried that Easter was ruined, and the rabbits would not make Easter this year because they would be sad and crying with the Mama rabbit.  Poor child.. she does have a soft heart.  So do I - it wasn't easy for me, either - as it was only as large as the largest kitten we have, and limp like a rag doll.  I'm sure I'll hear about it for years just like the squirrel we found in the woods when they were doing the logging -- she still reminds me of exactly which direction we saw it in, and asks about how it happened and for me to retell the story to her.

After all of that - we came back in, washed our hands thoroughly, and made some chicken noodle soup and carrots and milk for Esme all at her request, to make her bones grow and vegetables to make her heart grow.  I've done some laundry, and fixed Esme's patchwork pillow that was coming apart at the seams.  She has been using Spongebob and a sheep pillow together since we noticed the tears in it - and now I finally had enough time to take it all apart and put it back together.  Looking at the rest of the fabric I used to fix it with, and wondering if I can make her a matching lightweight quilt with it... maybe mix with a few other things.

In other news Esme has been playing Pet Society and Minecraft.  She is getting the idea from P.S. of getting coins, spending them and then not having any left until she goes and does more activities to get coins... I guess that is education in a way - she has been sad she spent too much on cupcake trays and then could not buy a shirt etc..  She is also amusing herself at her desk more drawing and writing and using playdough.  She cleaned out her spaceship from all of the toys that she had built up in there, cleaned up an area on her desk and began drawing 'brown eyes' on her clean paper.  They were eyes like her Loula dog has, because she was at her feet, and she didn't have a blue marker for her own color eyes.  **roll eyes** ha.  I helped her spell the word 'EYE' so it was something someone else could tell what it was, too.    Right now she is trying to encourage me to play with a red plastic disk she found while wandering around the house.  I told her I would play with her in a minute and she hangs over my leg and asks 'Are you lying to me?  Will you play with me, or not?'  *the time does fly*

Also, we made real cupcakes last night after work.  She liked that, a lot.  We measured all the ingredients and mixed it up with the electric mixer and cooked them.  Then she ate a full one with her dinner - and ate some more of it this morning.  It is French Vanilla flavored cake mix, and it has strawberry icing on it this morning (but not last night).  Good news in that the kitten Loula had stolen is doing well - and Loula is not constricting it to the couch as much, has relaxed etc.. the kitten is eating cat food and playing with the others and looks in much better condition than she did last week.  We are still calling it 'Yoda' because it has a huge head with long ears and a tiny body... but she seems much healthier.

Notes for self : project prattle etc.
//Cleaned up Esme's room, with hopes that it will produce results similar to when I cleaned her desk earlier in the week - she will find more interesting things she has to play with and work on more complicated things by herself etc...  I ordered a level three reader of The Secret Garden, as well - so we will have something more substantial to work on as a bedtime story.  I read the first 9 pages in Aamzon and it was good enough to try out:  0448407361 ISBN.  If I can read something like this to her and hold her interest (with lots of pictures) maybe we can explore a lot more great books together, and widen her attention span past the same picture books she has read for years etc etc...  For the record:  Grandma did give us a series of illustrated classic books for Christmas but they are on her shelf and probably 2-3 years above her level atm.

//Went through Esme's clothing to see what I need to make more of again.. and weed out things that are definitely too small.  She is actually riding 'good' at the moment.  Pants will be a priority again soon, but are okay at the moment.  She has plenty of shirts and a few jackets, and even some store bought things that fit her.  This would probably be a good time to focus on prep for summer items or bedding, or toys.  I do intend, when the net afghan is finished, to start another midsize afghan blanket for her room.  I said that about the last one - but it turned into the queen size afghan for our bed *ha*.  She picked out some eyesearing pink yarn for 'something' a few weeks ago and I have put it in a bag with my other remnant skeins waiting for such a project.

Wave Blanket pattern I would like to try

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