Sunday, March 17, 2013

planted bits

Snapdragons, Pansies, Oriental poppies, a few peppers, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, virginia bright leaf (try again this year although it all failed last year).  Seeds started in peat pots and flats today and put in the window.  We probably won't see anything stirring there for over a week from now.  I started a bright pink dress for Esme the other day but I have not finished it yet.. probably should have done that this afternoon.  The cotton net afghan/cover is about a third of the way done, and into a second color of yarn.  Esme's sticker chart for the toothfairy is going well - it is climbing her wall vertically from the table up to the border at the ceiling.  I told her she gets a sticker every time she brushes her teeth at bedtime if she does it all correctly - and I have to be honest with the toothfairy too, so she has to get all of her teeth.  When the fairy sees that the stickers have reached the top she will find a nice toy under her pillow.  But she has to keep it up - or the stickers will not grow.  So far I think we are four or five nights in a row with not anywhere near the complaining and 'can't do it', 'it is too hot', 'it is too hard' etc. comments.  All I have to say is she has to do it right to get a sticker and she is on the ball and 90% cooperative - with tiny pushes needed just to make sure she gets all the back teeth.  Mark came in the other night and took his false teeth plate out and brushed it with his toothbrush to show her 'like this'.. and she cried loudly 'Daddy my teeth don't come out!  See?' and pulled hard on her teeth to show him.  It was all he could do not to snort too loudly at her.  It was very cute to watch them both brushing their teeth together in the mirror, too.

Laundry in the wash - put it in the dryer later when I wake Esme up to 'drain'... she has been needing reminders two to three hours after she goes to sleep or we have wet sheets.  I think her kidneys are growing faster than her bladder - but hopefully this will pass again or she will get the habit of getting up on her own.

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