Friday, March 08, 2013

The Box of Corn and other seeds

It was warm today, but not warm enough - and not for long enough.  I am staring at my seeds - a box of corn all separated out into little containers.  And at the six bottles plus other containers of beans in so many different varieties.  It is like an archaeological expedition for the future - what of these specimens will we continue, what will happen?  How much can one year change the outcome of this seed - it's progeny... Will I find the item useful or only interesting, or both?

The strawberry popcorn is finally popping.. so much work for so little return, but it is pretty.  Should I plant it again or just leave it as an experiment done?  I have the brown popcorn that was ordered - if I want to try something new - and a black small kernel corn that came from the main garden the first year in the Indian mix... it might actually have been a popcorn.  I want to plant more of the Indian corn - the colors draw me in and peak my curiosities - but have little actual use for it at the moment.  We do want to have chickens some day..maybe, and they would enjoy it.  The 'Mandan Bride' smaller picture center top is the corn that I ordered for that purpose... and to mix with others that have grown here in years previous.  The last small cobs of last years failed west field crop are also shown here - tiny nubs with striped and colored corn kernels on them.  I can't say it was entirely a failure - as about that much seed went into the ground and the goat ate all of the other failed ears that did not make even this good of seed.  Are these cobs hardier for that year?  Will their seeds produce something even better suited to this ground?  

:Last year was a very hard year - with the drought, and that being a new plot of ground never planted with corn before.  Even our main garden had a hard time plugging along, but it did - and we did benefit from it.  The blue aleurone seed (towards the right, two containers) are from the crossing made in the small garden.  I need to decide which beans to plant as well... the black shackamaxon and the cowpeas are givens, but the others I am wondering which others - pintos again?  I like the triple use beans.  I grew Kenearly yellow eyes last year but they were purely decorative because they have to wait until dried stage to use and there were so few but very pretty -  it wasn't worth cooking them. Pictures of the beans in bottles from December.

NAMED corn varieties:
strawberry popcorn
painted mountain flour corn
mandan bride flour corn
japonica striped maize (ornamental sweet)
brown sugar popcorn

other combos pictured:
a flinty peach colored bag
a yellow/white flinty colored bag
red with striped pericarp floury mix corn (2 different, one has more flint)
greenish purple flint corn
bluish purple flint/flour mix type
tiny pastel popcorn
small black popcorn
larger black floury type corn
blue aleurone with striped pericarp - 2 mixes from cross
a few small ears of the hardier ears from last year's attempts

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