Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pink Archer, velociraptors and afghans

I finally finished the pink dress.  It's nice to have something 'done'.
My sewing machine had been down -I tore into it and it had a sewing pin stuck underneath the fabric feeding plate.  I must say, I'm very happy with this machine - the Singer Heavy Duty.  I got the pin out, cleaned out some fluff, closed it back up and off it goes merrily sewing again.  The Advance I had would have choked and half killed its workings on a pin like that, not just started grabbing the fabric badly until I opened it.

Daddy says the dress can be seen from orbit

Off to Grandmas in her super pink coat and dress. 

RAR - watch out for velociraptors!

Eggplant seedlings started today, and there will be more tomatoes to start.  I just received the Black Prince and Principe Borghese seeds in the mail.  My zippers (international shipping!) came today as well - very glad to see them.  They are longer than the ones I've used for several years - and will be in dresses for the next years to come.

The net afghan in progress... it is actually as wide as the one under it when it is stretched out.

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