Friday, August 31, 2012


Called my mom again yesterday, not as raving, but still not herself. She kept saying she was hot and trying to stay calmer but everyone was 'testing' her nerves and was going to find out what that got them if they weren't careful. Hmm. My SIL and her daughter were over there during the day and she was meaning them. I have the pictures printed out and need to write the captions and letter for her to send out with it. We are taking a trip to town today with Mark's mom and have a puppy to line up with its new owner as well. This is my only day off for another five, and I hope Esme is in a good mood today.

We made paper mache last night after I got home from work - which was fun, but kept us up much later than the usual 'bedtime' lately. Then she wanted a bath, which I gave in to. After the bath she was not cooperative at all - kept putting the tub plug back in and saying 'No.', so I wandered upstairs for about five minutes which was not at all what she had planned. She apparently (according to Mark's reports) tried to get on clothes and get in and out of the bathtub two or three times with clothes ON before deciding she might need help with the entire process. I'm not sure what her thinking was there -- go get pants, then remember the bath tub was still full, then get in to pull out the drain plug and realize she was wet and get out before she pulled it? Crazy stuff.

With a few words from Daddy she completed the process of getting out and getting dressed herself and came to apologize to me - then we read a book and she went to sleep. She had a short conversation with me that she would sleep with the room with the lights and she would be safe and not be dead from monsters - and Mom and Dad would go to sleep in their bed, and not be dead from monsters, too -- Imagination running wild. Again, as I often say, this is four - what is twelve? At least this is closer to the four part of the spectrum.. and kind of funny at that.

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