Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday pink dress

Size 5.5 dress
mixture of McCalls 8001 size 5 and Butterick 9644 size 6

She wanted a pink spiderman costume with a mask. I told her if I could get a pattern to work well I would put a spiderman emblem on a pink dress. I have one drawn out for her, and this pattern did seem to work fairly well. The sleeves need to be a little larger and the waistline could be more even and lower by an inch or more. But, as the lady at the store today said, 'I didn't even notice - and no one else should be looking that close, either.' Yes... *hmm* I still bought more pink fabric. It will be Friday when I have another full day off.

Pattern Alterations:

9644 Butterick circa 1960, size 6
could not find the front bodice piece this time

McCalls 8001 size 5, circa 1961
I've been using this one for nearly a year now

Sleeves: 8001 dress sleeve laid over coat sleeve, cut according to length of remaining remnant of fabric. Skirt: Butterick 9644, own version of gathering done all around. Bodice: 8001 dress with 9644 back bodice as length indicator..

being a little goat herder girl
leading the goat around the yard by waving a stick by her - so she gets curious and wants to try to eat it

Loula hanging out with Mouse cat in the background

Mark took this photo a few nights ago. This puppy was given away to her new home today - and I think the lady will really love her. It is also a great shot of Esme smiling :)

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